Yellowstone Posters

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Vintage Yellowstone Park Posters

Yellowstone National Park posters were popular forms of advertisement in the Golden Age of Illustration, circa 1880-1940. This was a period of time when artwork was used as illustrations. This began to change in the 1930s when photography became less expensive and easier to reproduce. Original artwork was replaced by photography shortly before WWII. Photography became the primary style of illustration used for most publications, including magazine covers, book illustrations, brochures, pamphlets, and modern posters.

Vintage Yellowstone posters from the Golden Age are very collectible in today's market. Many of the early Yellowstone posters, and poster style illustrations, were unsigned. These unsigned posters and poster style images were by staff artists working for advertising agencies or other enterprises. The railroads produced most of the travel posters relating to Yellowstone National Park, and other tourists destinations. The Northern Pacific Railroad was the earliest and most prolific railroad to produce Yellowstone travel posters. Other railroads included the Union Pacific RR, the Chicago Milwaukee RR and the Burlington RR. 

Poster style travel brochure illustrations are similar to full size posters in perspective. The main difference is the overall size. The same can be said for poster style postcards and smaller format illustrations. The perspective and ratio of many of these smaller images is similar to a full-size 30x40 inch travel poster used for display in railroad depots. These smaller works of art are original and professionally designed.

I will have more to discuss relating to Yellowstone National Park posters coming up. Please let us know if you have any questions pertaining to Yellowstone posters. We have been Yellowstone collectors and dealers since the 1980s. We will be glad to share our knowledge and experience with you. Thank you and good luck collecting.