More Bear Messages

More Bear Messages:

Sunday morn: 
This is a fine trip - good roads - but rains easily. Bears tried to get into tent last nite. All pretty well. H standing trip fairly well.
Postmark: August 15, 1927


Dear Friends,
Saw this canyon today and many other beautiful sights. Taking a lot of pictures. Hope to see some bears soon as I brought plenty of graham crackers.
Postmark: July 13, 1952
They are real bears not stumps that I told Aunt Bessie they were. I heard them growl. My they were fierce.
Uncle Tom
Postmark: January 31, 1911
Dear Petty:
We are at Old Faithful tonight. Last night we stayed at Canyon. Luverne said she awakened early & saw some gal headed for the wash rooms & her bath-robe pulled tightly around her trying to look 6 directions at once. I guess she thought she’d be a juicy breakfast for a hungry bear.
Love Helen
Postmark: August 10, 1949
Thought you might be interested in the architecture - Old Faithful Inn. Had an elegant trip through the Park. Mrs. D and I met some bears. She ran one way & the bears the other. Don’t know which was the most scared. Arrived Los Angeles this afternoon. It is a beautiful city. Received your letter at Yellowstone.
Postmark: July 27, 1915
This is some wonderful place - Real bears, etc.
Postmark: August 7, 1931
Here in the park we are sleeping with the Bears, but we have a lock on the door.
Mom and Dad
Postmark: September 4, 1928
Yellowstone Park July 4
Dear Betty,
I have been seeing today, bears that look like this. I did think of sending you one by mail - parcel post - but was afraid he’d raise the old scratch.
With love, Grandpa
Postmark: July 5, 1919
Hi, This is our second day in the park. Saw 18 bears yesterday. This is just the way they do. It’s cool & cloudy here. Sure is a wonderful place to see. Has a real nice cabin. Everyone enjoying themselves. Be good and we will try.
See you later
The Finneys
Postmark: August 3, 1966
Saw 7 wild bears ½ mile back of Lake Hotel this P.M.
Postmark: September 14, 1907
Dear Mable,
All is well, enjoying ourselves greatly. Bears have not eaten any of us yet all though we saw some.
Good bye, love to all
Aunt Alice
Postmark: August 22, 1905
Tues. Noon,
Rudy insists he saw this bear with the seat of your pants in his mouth. I think Ray helped him with a few of the details. Lunch here and on our way soon.
Love Pearl
Postmark: August 6, 1948
Dear Grandma:
We are looking over this Park. Last night we saw the bears fed, heard a lecture about the bears and attended a campfire meeting. We think it is very interesting.
Love Doris
Postmark: July 15, 1934
Bears like this are all about us. I saw 3 today all up the same tree. Am sending this chap to you. Feed him good but don’t let him nip your fingers.
Mr. Fingley
Postmark: August 20, 1925
Hi Folks,
Got a Cabin with “Old Faithful” in our back yard. We spent most of the day feeding the Bears. Betty took more pictures of them. I do hope they come out OK. We have spent 2 days in the Park. We will head for the Tetons tom.
Adios - Kay & Betty
Postmark: July 21, 1961
Dear Richard,
I have been in Yellowstone for a week now. Our cabin is in the main geyser basin so we can see plenty of geysers. I have seen plenty of bears too, but some of them get a little too “friendly.”
Postmark: July 22, 1949
Dear Paul,
This country is all that it is cracked up to be and more. It is wonderful! We have seen a mess of bears - Grizzly and Black, Moose, Buffaloes, loads of deer, elk, ducks etc. There are lots of fish in the streams too. A fellow could spend a couple of weeks here easily.
Postmark: August 21, 1940
We see most everything from Grizzly Bears to Mud Geysers.
Postmark: July 18, 1919
We have been having a wonderful trip thru the park. There are surely beautiful things to see here. The nights are plenty cold and the bears plenty friendly. We are starting home soon.
Postmark: August 2, 1932
Dear Annie,
Your cookies were very nice & kept well.
These are our boy friends here ­- the bears. Hope you are fine.
Tess & Flora
Postmark: August 3, 1946 - Old Faithful Station  
Tried to catch a bear for you but they went behind the trees.
Postmark: September 16, 1910
Dear Pal
We landed in the Park at 5 P.M. today. Everything is going fine. The bears sure are tame in the Park.
So long Clem
Postmark: August 12, 1932
We are having a marvelous trip. A bear walked right down near us today so I snapped his picture.
Postmark: July 8, 1927
Saw 41 bear to-day
Leaving Yellowstone Friday
Love Mildred
Postmark: July 29, 1956
Dear Mama:
Here we are where the wild bears grow & where the nights are pretty cold. Betty Lou is enjoying all she sees & will remember it for a while at least. Will spend the rest of today here & will come back through if you meet us in Butte.
Midelle & Berl
Postmark: July 17, 1939
I snapped six of these fellows - bears - all to-gether.
Postmark: June 12, 1911

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