A General Guide to Collecting Postcards

A General Guide to Collecting Postcards

By Jack and Susan Davis

- Deltiology is the study of, or collecting, postcards. We have been deltiologists for more than 40 years. We were long-term members of the IFPD, the International Federation of Postcard Dealers, and did business with postcard dealers and collectors throughout the world. We have since retired and have established this website to offer postcards for sale.

The focus of our collecting has been Yellowstone National Park. We also collected national park postcards in general and a variety of topical postcards. We have written and published three books and numerous articles on postcards, and postcard collecting.

This website is constructed to help new postcard collectors begin their own postcard collection. We will be listing information pertaining to the history of postcards and the factors that make them collectible. We encourage you to ask questions. Postcards contain information that can be found nowhere else. They are historical documents and original, primary source material created at a specific time. The educational aspect of postcards is valuable and one-of-a-kind.

We will delve into different components of postcards as time allows. To begin we will discuss the different eras of postcard publishing. The descriptions of the postcards we are listing include the title, the publisher, the date and the era of publication. Each of these are windows into the history of the postcard and where it is from.

We will expand this discussion as we have time. Check back for updates and other articles. Let us know if you are interested in signing up for our newsletter. We will attempt to publish a new newsletter every 3 to 4 months. In the meantime let us know if you have any questions. We will be glad to try and answer your questions and help you however we can. test

Thank you,

Jack and Susan Davis