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Learn more about the history of Wonderland and Yellowstone National Park. This association goes back to 1871, before Yellowstone was established as as the first national park in the world. Early explorers told enchanted tales of steam and hot water erupting from the earth. Their stories were thought to be wild exaggerations and were not to be believed. This was before the wide spread use of photographic images and their portrayals and descriptions could not be proven. The only images they had to show were hand-drawn sketches.

The Northern Pacific Railroad published a series of travel brochures titled Wonderland. We offer three of these covers as posters. The artwork dates 1885, 1897 and 1904. Consider using these attractive and historical illustrations as home decor. The images are shown below.


There are other examples of Wonderland referring to Yellowstone National Park. Rudolf Cronau (1855–1939) was a German-American printer, illustrator and journalist. He was well known for his illustrations, articles and books about the American West. Cronau came to America in 1881 and traveled to Yellowstone National Park in 1882. His drawings are carefully detailed and finely rendered in a style that clearly displays the influence of his training in the German Romantic tradition of the Royal Academy. These woodcut engravings were published as collotypes in a book entitled “Von Wunderland zu Wunderland.” Below is a ca. 1885 woodcut etching of Mammoth Hot Springs by Cronau. We have 3 Cronau woodcut etchings available to order as fine-art prints, including this one of Mammoth Hot Springs.