National Park Quilt Patterns

National Park Quilt Block Patterns by Susan Davis - 8x12 inch Quilt Block.

This is the first pattern developed from the series of National Park Service quilt block designs created by Susan Davis. This pattern is for a finished 8x12 inch Yellowstone National Park quilt block. There are 2 pattern options to choose from, a pieced pattern for an advanced beginning quilter and a fusible web pattern that does not require sewing. Both pattern options are included.

This pattern has instructions for 4 different methods of printing, or writing, the name of the park on cloth. A Computer and Inkjet Printer required for Step 8, methods 1, 2, and 3, along with a transfer printing material such as inkjet fabric sheets, transfer paper, or freezer paper and an iron. A Fabric Pen is required for method 4. To access the printing files and information, visit the downloads page here.

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Yellowstone National Park Quilt Block PATTERN by Susan Davis
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