More General Messages

More General Messages:

This is a wonderful trip. We’ve seen 35 new species of birds so far, Guess what? It’s snowing now. 
Katherine K. 
Postmark: September 12, 1949
Hello Folks:
We are seeing lots of sights like this one and plenty of bears too & swans on the lake & coyotes.
Postmark: July 23, 1954
Lower Falls of the Yellowstone
Have not seen this yet but many others that are greater than my imagination had pictured.
Postmark: June 24, 1915 - Shaw and Powell Cancel
Hello, From a new place. We are on our way to Boise, Idaho. Enjoying Park a few days on way. We are camped at Old Faithful Campground. These geysers are something to watch. Going swimming warm water this AM.
Our next P.O. Address will be: Gen. Del. Boise, Idaho.  
Charles, Alice & Eddie
Postmark: September 9, 1948
Dear Folks,
This is the kind of camp rooms we have, just like ours tonight at Shaw and Powell. Made a sketch from Artist’s point today. Went to Inspiration Point also. Having some big thrills!
Postmark: August 10, 1920
The “Cody” entrance to the Park is the finest of them all. Shoshone Dam is certainly some dam. Remembrance to all.
Postmark: August 20, 1919
Dear Friend Hannah,
I spose you are busy in the poultry house. We are busy some days. Yesterday we had 408 for dinner & today we will have 225. I’ve been out hiking quite often & partys, the other night we went to a bunco party, a dice game, and had a good time.
From Pauline
Sylvan Pass Lodge
Cody, Wyo.
No Postmark: ca. 1915
We came down Lake Shore Drive just before entering Cody. It was very beautiful but was scared. Staying outside of Cody tonight. Went into town, talk about a cow town. Even saw a parade without music.
See you soon - Edith
Postmark: July 28, 1956
Kinkade’s Covered Wagon Trips, Cody to Cooke City
A party of boys leaving camp near the Shoshone River. I won 1st prise with these four Blacks horses at the Cody Stampede, July 4-5-6
No Postmark: ca. 1947
Note: Real photo postcard of four black horses
Kinkade’s Covered Wagon Trips, Cody to Cooke City
A large party of girls in camp. I wish you would talk to them.
No Postmark: ca. 1947
About 15 miles from the eastern entrance to Yellowstone Park. We begin to see these strangely formed rocks. The chimney rock is an extremely tall shaft like the tall chimney of some factory. Stopped our car a minute and looked up and there was “window rock” right above us. Then there was Elephant Head, Thors Anvil and Clock Tower.
No Postmark: August 7, 1924
Dear Folks:
We are in a tourist camp here in cabin - left Yellowstone yesterday - stayed all night last night at Cody Wyoming the home of “Buffalo Bill” drove 265 miles to-day. We were over 1700 mi from home and sure have seen lots of things.
Love Willis & Muriel
Postmark: August 22, 1928
Shoshone Dam is in a beautiful canyon of the same name. The water is used for irrigation & power Hope to find word from Anita tonight.
With love to you both, O.R.K.
Postmark: July 14, 1922
Dear Mrs. Rocke: ­
We are in Idaho today. Left the park yesterday thru Southern entrance. The roads have been terrible & oh! so dusty but they say we have pavement from now on for quite a long way. This dam we saw after we left Cody. It is second largest in the world. 200 ft long & 10 ft wide I believe. Hope you are well.
Sincerely, Edna
Postmark: July 19, 1926
Dear Clarance & Marian –
Had a fine trip thru Yellowstone, arrived this noon at Gallatin Gateway Inn. I just laid down a while. I felt fine on the trip - we did see some country. Some rocks. Will let you know later on when we start for the coast. Hope this will find you all well.
From Three Forks   H.M.
No Postmark: ca. 1930
Hello Olga!
Oh, this is a beautiful section of the country! We saw more grandeur and beauty in ½ hour than we ever thought possible.
We’re staying at a darling lodge called “The Three Bears” in West Yellowstone, Montana. It hardly seems possible that today is Friday. Oh, if time would only stand still.
Love, Jeanne
Postmark: July 9, 1949
West Yellowstone
Have seen lots of mountains and desert. Saw lots of snow alongside of mountain roads. Mosquitos out here are just one inch smaller than a B29.   Josie
Postmark: June 13, 1946
This is some bar - the Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole. Just finished Yellowstone & Tetons. Go to Salt Lake Sat. then Denver and Greely Colo. Better take dog next door while you are away.
Postmark: September 27, 1952
We are having dinner tonight at the “Open Range” just out of the picture to the right. Didn’t go in the “Cowboy Bar.” We are held up everywhere in time so I know we will be late getting home. Rain yesterday stopped us at 4 to be able to get a place to stay. Today we had to go 100 miles extra to avoid 4 miles of construction. Got in here, had lunch, it was beautiful, drove out to take pictures of the Tetons and it poured.
Postmark: July 29, 1957
This is a view in the south part of the park about 25-30 miles below the regular stagecoach road. The mountains shown are the highest in the vicinity of the Park. (They are not in the Park, but just outside to the South). The highest peak shown is the Grand Teton and is nearly 14,000 feet high.
No Postmark: ca. 1908
Hi from the Tetons:
We stayed right by this last night. It’s all so wonderful. I wish you could both see it. We’re starting home tomorrow should be home Mon. We’re stopping at Mt. Rushmore. We saw loads of bears today & four moose. We went horseback riding and boy are we stiff.
Love, Jeannie
Postmark: July 25, 1946
Livingston is like a Swiss or Tyrolean village surrounded on all sides by mountains.
Postmark: August 5, 1907
We leave for Yellowstone Park 7/5 and will probably not get to Spokane until July 15 – should necessity demand your reaching me while in the Park – send it c/o Wylie Transportation Co., Gardiner, Montana. We arrived at Livingston 7/2 and have been putting in my time resting - was just dead tired when we got here - and was glad we could all rest - children are all well at home - Had letter from them upon our arrival.
Postmark: July 5, 1907
Hello Don,
This is the road – Cooke City Highway - we came over to the Park the White Lines (on the card) are the road we came over some road
Best wishes
Richard (written by young boy)
Postmark: June 11, 1947

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